Can I change the size or location of popups?

Changing the Popup Size

Each user can change the size of their BlueNote Light popups. The image below shows the size of a Small (default size) popup relative to the Windows taskbar in the lower right-hand corner of a typical monitor.

If you want more information to appear on a popup, this change is made in the local user settings under  Menu > Preferences > Popups. Toggle the Popup Size button to view all of these options. Depending on the number of characters used, the text in the popup may also shrink in size.

Changing the Popup Location

If you want to have all popups appear in a different screen location, you will need to initiate this change from an active Light popup. Once the Light popup location is changed, all Conversation popups will follow suit. Be sure to change the location from a Light Popup. This is because you cannot change popup locations from a Conversation Popup.

On the active popup, move it by grabbing the top grey bar and repositioning the popup anywhere on the screen. Then locate the black arrow on the popup, click it, and choose "Save Popup Location." Once this change has been made, all new popups will start from this new location and stack above the location accordingly, depending upon the specific placement.

Note: Not all dual-screen monitor setups will allow you to move a popup from one screen to another.

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