What are my options for creating emergency Lights?

OSHA recommends having an Emergency Action Plan in place that will alert all employees immediately that urgent action is needed, for incidents such as patient medical emergencies, active shooters, weather alerts, and gas leaks. BlueNote Lights can be programmed in a way that will allow instant knowledge that emergency situation is occurring, so that building evacuation or immediate medical assistance events can be responded to quickly and appropriately.

All Lights normally activate a popup and tone only at the time they are initially posted. There may be times when you need a Light to continue to sound an alert for as long as it is active. 

Besides Normal types of lights, you can also program a Light as a High Alert Light or as an Urgent Light. Selecting Hight Alert or Urgent as the light type programs the light to continue to make noise automatically at a specific refresh rate until the light is cleared.

High Alert Light  - Tone and Color can be customized, and will replay every 1-5 minutes until cleared.

Urgent Light  - Tone and Color cannot be changed, and will replay every 5 seconds to 1 minute until cleared. Urgent lights also include the Conversations name as a comment on an active Light.

When you are configuring and programming an individual Light (Menu > Preferences > Advanced > System Wide Changes > Light Panels) at the top of each Light editor you can select the type of light you would like to program. You can name the Light as needed.

Once you have Saved each High Alert or Urgent light, you may want to edit amount of time between each replay of an active High Alert Light or Urgent Light. The Default time for a High Alert refresh is 1 minute, to replay, and the Default time for an Urgent refresh is 15 seconds. Go to the Timers tab and select the amount of time that should elapse while each of the types of alerts are active.

Be sure to Publish your changes once you have made them in order to update all computers with the new Lights. Click the Publish tab and then choose "Save and Publish Changes to all Clients."

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