What is the BlueNote Lights Gateway, and how do I use it?

BlueNote Communicator Lights relies on stable network connections to communicate between workstations. When this is not possible, for instance, if the security on a wireless network is not allowing BlueNote to connect, if you have multiple networks, or if something like a firewall or anti-virus or anti-malware software is blocking network traffic, this is when you'll need to route around that block by turning on a Lights Gateway within another BlueNote client.

A Gateway can also be used to connect multiple offices together when they want to share a unified light panel or for remote users. All of the remote clients will connect via the Gateway instead of connecting directly to each other. Note that the Beacon feature does not work across a VPN.

The Lights Gateway can be turned on at any BlueNote Client, but you should normally only need one Gateway per office. This should be activated at a computer that is turned on all day, where BlueNote always works well and stays connected.

To turn on the Lights Gateway, the first thing you need to do is to choose a reliable computer that will be on when the office is open. This computer will serve as the Lights Gateway Host.

Steps for turning on and using a Lights Gateway

1. Once you have determined an appropriate computer to serve as the Lights Gateway Host, go to that computer, open BlueNote and choose Menu, then Preferences. Tab down to Advanced and select "Host Lights Gateway." Toggle the off button to "On." 

2. By default, the Beacon setting will also be On. This setting should allow any clients that need to tether to it to find the Lights Gateway automatically. Make a note of the IP Address that this gateway is using, or click on the orange Client Configuration Instructions button and take those instructions to any computers where BlueNote Lights needs an alternative connection.

3. With the Gateway active, you are finished at that computer. You will then go to each computer that needs to tether to the Gateway you just turned on. Open BlueNote at each computer and choose Menu, then Preferences. Tab down to Network. Make sure that the correct network adapter is chosen under the Adapters tab, then click on Connections.

4. Under Connections, switch the connection type from "Serverless" to "Connect to Lights Gateway." If the option "Listen for Lights Gateway Beacon" is checked, you may save this setting and finish the tethering by clicking "Save and use Lights Gateway." If it connects then the Gateway setup is complete on this computer.

5. Give this BlueNote client a few moments to connect with the Beacon. If it does not connect with the Beacon, in the space provided, enter the IP address of the Host that you noted from Step 2 and try Saving again.

Viewing Active Gateway Connections

To see which clients are tethered to the Gateway Host, go back to the host computer and choose Menu > Preferences > Advanced > Host Lights Gateway. Each of the BlueNote clients that are tethered to the host will appear in this window.

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