Someone cleared a Light that I need to view again. Where can I find the Light History?

Each BlueNote client is able to view the daily log of all Lights activity under  Menu > Daily Lights Activity. All that day's previously cleared Light events will appear in the Recent Lights Activity window as seen in the image below.

Events include the name of the Light, its Aging color, time stamps, any comments or BlueNotes used to update the light, as well as which BlueNote clients were used to turn the light On and Off. Use the Sort tabs to sort by time, individual Lights, or which user Cleared each Light. Users may also enter data in the "Search" field at the top to search for specific events or information, or scroll down through the history to locate the event manually. 

Double-click each Light Event for Copy options that allow this information to be copied out of BlueNote Lights and into other programs.

Normally this Daily Lights Activity log will clear itself out automatically every night. Individual clients may choose to keep this data over multiple days by choosing Menu > Preferences > Activity and un-checking the box that states "Remove lights activity daily."

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