Tone Palette - Reference Guide for Version 8

Note that the Tone Palette is now part of the tone selection system in Version 9's System Wide Changes.

BlueNote Communicator Lights Version 8 contains over 300 sounds in its tone library. All of these tones can be previewed and chosen within the software under System Wide Changes. The Tone Palette organizes each tone according to its style or nature, to make it easier to choose tones that are appropriate for your office.

BlueNote tones are individual .wav files. It is possible to add your own .wav files into BlueNote manually with a working knowledge of Windows; however each computer in the office will also require that files are manually added there and that the sounds data file is updated to reflect the additions. There is not a user interface available in BlueNote which allows users to enter additional tones into the BlueNote tone library, nor a way to record new sounds.

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