What is Automatic Publish?

Automatic Publish is a setting that was created prior to the Administrator option that lets you publish System Wide changes to all computers even when there are no other BlueNote clients online. Its only function is to make sure all users display the same Lights configuration file. Note that Version 9 clients can only open System Wide Changes if they were the last known Publisher, unless that user is set as an Administrator. See the Related Articles below if you cannot access System Wide Changes.

Are all of your computers turned on all the time or is your client already an Administrator? If so, you probably don't need Automatic Publish. This is a setting that allows you to make System Wide Changes that will affect both online and offline clients.

When the offline clients come back online, the BlueNote client that has been set to Automatic Publish will be sure that each offline client gets the new configuration file immediately. This way everyone in the office has the exact same configuration and can use their Lights in the exact same way.

Be sure that you only have one client on your network set up to Auto Publish, and that this computer is turned on when you publish system wide changes. Often, the computer from where you make changes will also be the one set to Auto Publish, but it can be any client on the network.

How to set a client to Automatic Publish:

Go to a BlueNote client that is turned on every day and has the correct configuration. 

1. Choose   Menu > PreferencesAdvanced > System Wide Changes. Type in the word "configure".
2. Click on the  Publish tab.  
3. Turn the Automatic Publish button green. 
4. Click on X in the upper right to close the window. This is the only setting in System Wide Changes that does not require a publish.

Note that this feature is only needed in Version 8 or older clients, as Version 9 has the Administrator feature that takes over this role.

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