What is a BlueNote Administrator?

During Free Trial Period

When downloading BlueNote Communicator Lights to a computer for the first time, the user may access System Wide Changes without any administrative permission required. This makes it simple to customize key settings during the trial period from any computer in the office.

Version 8 Clients

The BlueNote Administrator was introduced with Version 9, so previous versions do not have this feature. System Wide Changes is accessible at any client running BlueNote Lights Version 8, similar to the way that a Version 9 client functions during the trial period. 

Version 9 - After Licensing 

A BlueNote client may be granted administrative access immediately after pasting a temporary or permanent license key into the Registration window under Menu > Preferences > Registration. At this point only clients where the license has been entered manually are allowed to utilize the Administrative features. This feature becomes active when choosing "Yes" at the prompt seen below.

NOTE: If a client displays the practice name at the bottom of BlueNote Lights, then it is already registered, but it may not yet be set as an Administrator. To allow administrative access on a registered client, you'll need to paste the registration code in a different place in the program. Highlight and Copy the original registration code, then click the Paste Registration button under Menu > Preferences > Advanced > Advanced Registration. Choose "Yes" when prompted to allow Administrative access.

The administrator now has the ability to edit all Light configurations, System Wide Conversation Groups, and view all Remote clients on the network. In addition, Plus licensing allows administrators to remotely change key settings from the Remote Client Administration panel. To access the Administration panel once the license has been manually entered, choose Menu > Preferences > Advanced > System Wide Changes.

Editing Lights Configuration

Most settings that affect all users, such as the labels on Lights, are programmed from the BlueNote Communicator Lights Configuration module. Click the orange button to add, delete, or make System Wide Changes. See the Related Articles below for more about System Wide Changes.

Editing System Wide Conversation Groups

This is a new module that allows one user to program shared Conversation groups to make it easy to start a new Conversation with pre-selected BlueNote clients. See the Related Articles to learn how to program System Wide Conversation Groups.

Advanced Administrative Features with Plus Licensing

With a Plus license installed, not only can administrators change the way that Lights function for all users in the office, they can also remotely manage and change settings for any other client remotely.

Upgrading from Version 8 to Version 9

Once a computer has been upgraded from Version 8 to Version 9, keep in mind that  only the BlueNote Lights client from which the last configuration file was published will be able to access System Wide Changes. Locate the original registration email and Copy the registration code. On each BlueNote client that should have administrative access, choose Menu > Preferences > Advanced > Advanced Registration. Click "Paste Registration" and choose Yes. This administrator now has the ability to edit all Light configurations, System Wide Conversation Groups, and view all Remote clients on the network.