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Pushover is an app which gives you a unified way of receiving BlueNote Light Alerts on devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and desktop apps. BlueNote Communicator Lights Version 8 and Version 9 can integrate with for push notifications. Each device will need to be programmed at a separate BlueNote Client. The Pushover app can only receive notifications, and cannot be used to reply to notifications.

Getting Started with Pushover

The first thing you need to do is to search for Pushover in your device's app store, then  install the Pushover app on your iOS or Android device.
If you already have an account for, then you can go ahead and log into the app. If not, you will need to create an account using either the mobile application or directly from the website:
Note: After the account has been created, you will need to activate the account using the Verification Email sent from

Log into to your Pushover account using your computer. On the main page, scroll to the bottom and locate the section called Your Applications then click the Create link.

In the Name field enter: BlueNote Lights

In the Type field choose: Application

If you would like to add an icon, you can save the one below to your desktop and then upload it by clicking the 'Choose File' button. 

BlueNote Lights Icon

Check the Terms of Service box and then click the Create Application button.

Now that you have created the Pushover account and added the application, you can enter the information into BlueNote Lights and verify that everything is working. You'll be coming back to the Pushover account to retrieve the User Key as well as the API Token/Key. 

Add everything to BlueNote

Choose one computer running BlueNote Lights that is not currently being used for mobile device notifications to finish the Pushover integration. Open BlueNote's Menu and choose Notifications. Open the Alert Manager, choose the Mobile Notifications tab and then click the On button, and finally select

BlueNote needs two pieces of information to complete the integration: The User Key and the Application API Token. The User Key identifies the account, and the Application API Token identifies the BlueNote application. 

Going back to your account, locate your User Key in the upper right-hand corner of the main page. Copy the contents of this field and paste into the 'Your User Key' field on the Pushover screen in BlueNote.

After entering the User Key in BlueNote, go back to, scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the section called Your Applications. Click on the BlueNote Lights application and then copy the API/Token Key and paste it into the 'Application API Token/Key' field in BlueNote.


After the pushover information has been entered, it will need to be verified to make sure everything is working correctly.

Click the Verify button. A six-digit verification number will be sent to your mobile device. Enter the verification code and press the Save button.

Once you've verified your Pushover app, you'll be prompted to go back to the Alert Manager Lights to customize your Light notifications. 

Integration Complete

All Push notifications will be turned off, as indicated by a red button. Toggle each of the Light's corresponding Push buttons to Green. Once the Push button is turned on for a Light, any time that Light is activated on the NoteBoard, a notification will be sent as a text message to that mobile device via Pushover.

The Default settings for many of your Pushover notifications within your mobile device will often not be optimized for use with BlueNote Lights. You will need to go into your particular device's Pushover app settings and set the way that notifications appear, i.e. as a banner, when the device is active, turning on watch notifications inside Pushover, or any other settings you may need.

Once you purchase the Pushover app (current price is $4.99) it will allow you to receive up to 7500 Pushover notifications per month.

If you would like the ability to interact with Lights on a mobile device that has a web browser instead of using Pushover, choose BlueNote Remote Overview from the Related Articles below.

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