BlueNote Remote Overview

BlueNote Communicator Lights can only be installed on Windows PCs, so these are the instructions for allowing Macs, Chromebooks, Android devices and iPhones to interact with Lights.

BlueNote Remote is an add-on feature for BlueNote Communicator Lights Versions 8 and 9 that allows any device connected to your private network to join in on Light notifications from a web browser. For BlueNote Remote to work, you will need to be sure that you have all of the following set up beforehand:


BlueNote Lights already needs to be installed on one or more Windows PCs in your office. The Remote does not work with terminal services.


You will need to have a private wireless network available for back office use and know the password if your device is not already connected to it. Guest wifi networks generally cannot communicate with the back office wifi.


Using BlueNote Remote during your trial period is not possible without a code, so BlueNote Lights will need to be temporarily or permanently licensed in order to activate this feature. There is currently no additional cost to add the Remote feature, as it is included with all Version 8 and Version 9 licensing.

BlueNote Remote works within a device's web browser, whether it's Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or others. Instead of downloading an app or installing a program, the user will open up a web browser on the device and enter a specific URL. This is how BlueNote Remote appears once it has connected, but none of its Lights are active:

And here is BlueNote Remote with three active Lights. Watch as two of these Lights receive a response from this remote user:

Keep in mind that this is a web browser view, so it is touch-screen friendly from any phone or other device that is connected to your network. Also, browsers do not inherently have sound or popup capabilities, so the user will need to have the device set to view Remote in order to be aware that a Light is active or has been updated.

If you have not yet purchased a license but would like to try BlueNote Remote, simply open System Wide Changes at any computer running BlueNote, choose the Remote tab and click on the link provided. Fill out the request form and a customized trial code will be emailed to you shortly. 

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