My BlueNote client is not connecting to a Gateway

The BlueNote Lights program doesn't use the internet for any data. Instead, the default network settings let BlueNote users all connect together on a private network without a server. In the network settings this is called a Serverless connection.

The second type of connection is not serverless. Instead, one BlueNote client on the network can be set to host a constant connection, called a Lights Gateway. This is not a default network setting. Instead, it is an alternative setting that has been chosen by your office or your IT team when the serverless option was not successful in allowing one or more BlueNote clients to stay reliably connected.

If anything changes on the computer where the Lights Gateway is hosted, the BlueNote clients that are relying on that host may lose their connection. The BlueNote clients that have been previously connected to a Light Gateway that is no longer working properly may see the message below:

If you see this message, you may first check your own network settings, then check the settings of the Lights Gateway Host.

1. Be sure that your BlueNote client has the correct network adapter chosen. Open BlueNote, and choose Menu > Preferences > Network. You may have several adapter, but be sure that the correct one is active.

2. If everything looks good in your Adapters settings, you will need to discover what has happened to the Gateway Host. If you do not know which computer is hosting the Lights Gateway, you may be able to track this down from any computer that is connected to the Host. For this, you'll have to do a little sleuthing.

If you do not know the location of the Lights Gateway Host:

3. Open BlueNote at a computer that's not having problems, and choose the Menu button. Click on Preferences and then tab to Advanced. Click on "Active Endpoints" to open the Active BlueNote Panels window. Look for a "G" in the AP/G column as demonstrated in the image below. Any BlueNote users with a G in this column have been set as a Gateway Host.

If you do not see a "G" in the AP column for any users, this means that the Gateway computer is offline, and most likely the reason why a BlueNote client relying on the Gateway is not connected.

Once you know the location of the Lights Gateway Host:

4. Go to that computer. Open BlueNote and choose the Menu Button. Click on Preferences and then tab to Advanced. You will see a green Host Lights Gateway button. Click to open the Gateway. You will need to make a note of the IP address that this host is using. This will be the new number that you will take to the computer that is trying unsuccessfully to connect to the Host.

Reconnecting your BlueNote Client

On the client that you're tethering to the Gateway, open BlueNote and choose Menu > Preferences > Network. Tab over to the Connections tab. In the space provided, type in the IP address that you retrieved from the Host and then Save and Use Lights Gateway.

With the IP address updated, the client should now be able to connect to the Lights Gateway again.

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