How do I acknowledge a light?

When a Light is turned on, that notification is active. If the light is designed to create an action from another user in the office, there are several ways that the light may be acknowledged.

 By turning the light off

Click on an active light and then choose "Turn Off Light." By doing this, you are acknowledging the Light. Since Lights are contextual, turning off the light generally means that you have completed a task. When you turn off a Light that could potentially be handled by more than one person, this can also mean that you are signaling to the others that you have accepted the task assignment by removing it from the panel.

 By typing a comment 

When clicking on a Light, the user has the option to click into the comment area to type a comment and then Update the light. This reactivates any associated tones and popups so that the light effectively re-signals those who need to see the comment. Even if the Comment area is a different color, it can be clicked on to begin typing.

 By replying with a BlueNote

If a Light has been programmed with BlueNotes inside of it, any BlueNote can be used as an acknowledgement. To use a BlueNote, click on the light and then choose the appropriate response.

By clicking on an active Popup

Click in the body of a Popup to open the Light Action window. From here, click on the Comment window (seen in turquoise in the image below) to type in a new comment, update the light with a BlueNote, or update with other option that appears in the Light Action Windows. The down-arrow also allows users to turn the light Off from any popup.

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