I have a lifetime Version 7 license. What's the best way to upgrade to Version 9?

A BlueNote Lights Version 7 Lifetime license gives the practice eligibility to upgrade to major versions of BlueNote Communicator Lights at no extra cost as they are released. Version 9 is included in this eligibility. If you need to look up whether or not the practice purchased a lifetime license, open up the BlueNote client at one computer in the practice and choose Menu > Help > Support > Contact Us to send a lookup request.

Automatically Registering Version 9 clients from a Version 7 client

Once upgrade eligibility has been determined, don't immediately update. Instead, follow the steps below first to make it easy for a Version 7 client to pass its license over to a Version 9 client.

On any Version 7 client that displays the license name at the bottom, choose Menu, then Preferences, Options, and Advanced. Click on the Advanced Registration button and check the box that states "Automatically Register clients that are in a trial mode." Then close this window.
IMPORTANT! Go to a different computer where BlueNote Version 7 is installed, (not the one in Step 1) and then upgrade it to Version 9 from our website. Choose Customers from the top navigation bar and select BlueNote Lights Version 8/9. Look for the Download/Update button and click it to begin the upgrade installation.
Follow the prompts to install BlueNote Lights Version 9 over Version 7. All settings and customizations will migrate over to the new version - nothing will be lost. Repeat this at each workstation until all computers have been updated. The client in Step 1 that was set to Auto Register can also now be updated as well.

If you upgrade to Version 9 without making sure one client is set to pass over the license beforehand, you should contact us as explained in the yellow box above so that we can send you instructions for entering the license manually.

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