What is Focused view, and how is it different from the Light Panel?

The Light Panel always displays a fixed pattern of Lights, for all users on all computers, no matter whether or not those Lights are On or Off, and every office may have up to four simultaneous Light Panels programmed with various Lights. The purpose of the Focused view is to sort only the Active lights in the order that each Light was turned On.

In the example below, the same clinician has been summoned to three rooms, and the user needs to view which room is next in the exam queue. Watch the clip below to see how to switch back and forth from the Light Panel view to Focused view, and notice how Room 2 is on top because of its time stamp, compared to the Light Panel.

In the right-hand side of Focused view is a white Gear icon, which is where Focused options are chosen. Each individual Light in up to four Light Panels can either be Included (default, seen in green) or not included by toggling the corresponding button red. When certain Lights are turned Red in Focused Options, this BlueNote client will only display Included lights in its Focused view. This is a local setting and does not affect any other workstations or users.

Also by default, only the Last Comment will appear in Focused View. If the user prefers for all previous comments to appear as well, click on the Advanced tab and un-check " Only show the last comment in Focused View."  Note that there are a few other Focused options here if the user would like to sort the Newest light to the top, or not display the Light Tag Name (often the Patient name) within Focused View.

Many offices will utilize Focused View as a hall monitor, since it only displays the current activity in a time-sorted order, or use it instead of relying on the smaller Popups, because it is able to display all the information in one window instead of being scattered or more random. If the user requires an efficient way to view a queue or to-do list, Focused view suits this need well.

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