Turning on BlueNote Remote

Before you are able to turn on BlueNote Remote, be sure that you have requested a trial license, or that your client has been permanently licensed. See the Overview page for more.

BlueNote Remote must be activated in System Wide Changes and then this activation Published to all users. Open your BlueNote client, then choose Menu. Select Preferences, then tab to Advanced. Click the "System Wide Changes" button and type in 'configure.

With the System Wide Changes configuration module open, tab to Remote. Check the box beside the option "Enable BlueNote Remote for all clients."
Choose the Publish tab, then click "Save and Publish Changes to all Clients" and type in 'publish' when prompted.
With the Remote feature published, each BlueNote client has access to this feature. To open a BlueNote Remote on the same computer, in BlueNote choose Menu, then Preferences. Locate the Remote tab and turn this On. When closing out of the Preferences menu, a new button will appear under Actions called "Open BlueNote Remote." Click on this to open up a web browser on the same device or computer.
The default settings allow only active Lights to appear. This means Lights that are turned off will not be accessible or visible on the BlueNote Remote. Keep in mind that unless local settings have been changed, only the first ten Lights of the first Light Panel will appear on this BlueNote Remote.

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