BlueNote Remote - Device Setup

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you have met the Overview requirements and that BlueNote Remote is turned on in System Wide Changes before setting up the service on your remote devices. Keep in mind that the BlueNote Remote is not an app, but rather a remote browser session, so nothing is being downloaded to the iPad, smart phone, Chromebook, Mac computer, or other non-windows device.

Each device that uses BlueNote Remote is an extension of the client in Windows from where the service was launched. You could have many devices using this extension, or only one device, but they will all have the exact same setup.

The most important piece of information when launching BlueNote Remote on any device is the URL, which is the address that the remote device uses to get its data from the BlueNote client.

Here's an example of a BlueNote Remote URL:

The name that appears in the browser's tab and window will be the same as the Conversation (User) name of the BlueNote client from where the Remote was launched. In this example, the Conversation name is Dr. A.


1. Open the client that is launching the remote and choose Menu, then Preferences. Tab to Remote. Turn this feature On.

2. If you would like BlueNote Remote to allow you to turn Lights both on and off from the remote device, be sure Multiple Selected Lights is chosen. Click on 'Edit Lights Selection' and then highlight up to thirty (30) lights in green. These will be the only Lights that will function on this Remote. Save these selections when finished.

Alternatively, choose a single Light for the Remote. This selected Light can be both turned on and turned off from the remote. Save when finished.

A third option is to choose Active Lights List with up to 30 Selected Lights. This is a Respond-only option. When there are no active Lights, the Remote will display "Waiting for Active Lights" as seen on the left. The right side displays the single Light Remote view.

3. Tab to URL Information within the Remote window. Now you may either Open the BlueNote Remote at this computer, copy the URL link, or even email the link to the mobile device. This link may be pasted elsewhere such as in an email to be sent to a user and then opened on the remote device(s). Otherwise, make a note of this URL and then manually enter it into any browser's URL window, or use the Camera feature on the device to click on the QR code as seen in the image below.

Here's a quick video showing how BlueNote Remote functions when using the standard Multiple Selected Lights option:

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