BlueNote Remote - Troubleshooting

Here are answers to the most common problems users experience when setting up and using BlueNote remote.

Why doesn't the BlueNote Remote tab appear in Preferences?

The most likely reason is that Remote has not yet been turned to On in System Wide Changes, and then this change Published out to the client. Click on the related link below or here: Turning on BlueNote Remote

If you are using BlueNote Lights and have not yet purchased a license, but other users have BlueNote Remote enabled with a code received from us, go to the client where the code was entered, choose Menu > Preferences > Advanced. Press the "Send to All Clients" button. Then choose Menu > Shutdown and Restart your BlueNote client to enable the BlueNote Remote tab.

Some Lights are missing on the Remote, or they're in a different order than normal.

Each BlueNote client is responsible for its selection of up to 30 Lights to be used remotely. These 30 lights can be selected from any of the Light Panels available in to this user. The Lights are ordered two at a time, instead of down-column, so they will be in a different order than they appear on the Light Panel.

To change the Lights selection, open BlueNote and choose Menu > Preferences > Remote. Click "Edit Lights Selection" then toggle on the green "Selected" option beside each Light that should be included for this BlueNote Remote. Then Save Selections.

BlueNote Remote only shows Active Lights. How can I display inactive lights as well?

Under Menu > Preferences > Remote > Display you may have only the Active Lights List selected from the drop-down menu. Choose "Multiple Selected Lights" instead.

Remote was active, but now it's not working.

There can be many reasons why a BlueNote Remote is no longer active: The client that is hosting the BlueNote Remote may not be turned on, the URL (web address) of the Remote may have changed, or the Remote device may no longer be connected to the correct wifi network.

1. Be sure to check the device first to make sure it is using the private secure wifi connection. The remote only functions when the device is in the office and connected to the same network that all the Windows PC clients are utilizing.

2. Determine whether or not the computer that has been serving as the Remote's host has been turned off or if its network settings have gone to sleep.

If it appears that both the device and the BlueNote client's settings are correct, you can reach out to us from that BlueNote client and send a support ticket to us. Open the BlueNote client and choose Menu > Help > Support > Contact Us with any other information that you can provide to allow us to determine why the Remote settings are not working properly.

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