How do I change a user name in the Conversations list?

IMPORTANT: User names in the Conversation User List are chosen by each Windows user. This is a local setting that allows direct messages to be sent to select BlueNote clients online. Names cannot be changed remotely from a different computer or user. If you see a name in your Conversation list that needs to be changed, locate that user on your network, then open BlueNote at that computer and follow the steps below.

1. To quickly determine the current Conversation user name, locate the Conversations button in the upper right-hand corner of the BlueNote Lights client. You will be able to identify the Conversation name from the top bar in Conversations. 

2. Choose Menu, then click on the Preferences tab.

3. Click Change under the Location Preferences. Type in the new Conversation name and press Save. Then Exit the Preferences menu.

4. Verify the new name under "Conversations."

Note: Choosing "Default" instead of "Change" will revert the User Name to the Windows User Name of this Windows User. Once the name has been changed, all other users will see that the user name has been replaced in their Conversation Users List. The example below displays how one user would then be able to click on the new name to send a new Conversation to this user.

Keep in mind that if multiple people use the same Windows session, it may be optimal to label the BlueNote User name as the computer's location (i.e. Checkout Desk) instead of per person.

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