Client with No Connections

If a BlueNote Lights client has never encountered any other BlueNote users on the network, a dialogue box will appear that points to this page for troubleshooting information. Please use the information below to help determine the steps needed to connect the client to the other networked users.

There can be many reasons that a BlueNote client is displaying that it is online, but cannot communicate with other users on the network. Here are a few reasons that a client may have no connections:

1. BlueNote Lights has not yet been installed on any other computers on the network.

2. The client that isn't connecting does not have access to the same network adapter as the other BlueNote users. Adapters are set up in Windows, and once they are available, BlueNote should be able to detect them automatically.

3. The client has access to multiple adapters, but BlueNote has chosen an alternate adapter, instead of the one that the other clients are using to connect to one another. See choosing the correct network adapter for instructions.

4. The program's data is being blocked by something outside of the BlueNote client's control. This network interference may be caused by firewalls, wireless adapters, and/or antimalware software programs. To view the pathway that BlueNote needs to have unblocked in firewalls and antimalware, open the BlueNote program and choose Menu. Select Help, then Support, and click the Firewall Information button.

You may also use the Related Articles below, or send a support ticket directly from the BlueNote client to us by opening BlueNote, then choosing Menu > Help > Support > Contact Us. Fill out the form to send a diagnostic snapshot that we can use to troubleshoot network connections.

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