Version 7 license is not compatible with Version 9

BlueNote Communicator Lights Version 9 is free to download and use for 30 days, but older licensing will not validate within the newer version. Use the instructions below to help you determine the next step to take.

What version of BlueNote Lights is being used in the office?

First of all, you'll need to find out what version of BlueNote Lights is installed on your other computers. Choose Menu > Help to view the version that is installed at each BlueNote client. If you see Version 7 on the rest of the computers, then you may either update all clients to this version and purchase the license update, or uninstall and then reinstall the version that the other clients are using instead.

IMPORTANT! Read this before upgrading all computers:

Differences between Version 7 and Version 8

What's new in Version 9

Upgrade info:

If you decide not to upgrade at this time, you will need to uninstall Version 9 and then install Version 7 instead.

To uninstall Version 9, open your Windows System Settings to Add or Remove programs. Click on the BlueNote Communicator Lights app and select Uninstall. Then on our website, choose Customers at the top of the page, look for BlueNote Lights Version 7, and begin the Download by scrolling down a little ways to the Download button. 

We can also check whether or not you're eligible for a complimentary Version 9 upgrade from Version 7. Please contact us directly from any BlueNote client by opening the program at any computer and choosing  Menu > Help > Support > Contact Us.

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