What's new in BlueNote Lights Version 9?

BlueNote Communicator Lights Version 9 was released in October, 2021. If you already have either Version 7 or Version 8 of BlueNote Lights installed on the rest of your computers, it should be easy to gradually update each one to Version 9, since it will install over the older version and migrate all settings and data. And because the versions are compatible with one another, you can try it out on a few computers at first, to make sure that you like the improvements. In addition, Plus licensing has been introduced in Version 9, which includes even more options than those below.  More information: Core (Standard) and Plus Licensing Comparison

Besides optimizing the software to work even better on your network, here are a some of the things you'll notice with the BlueNote Lights Version 9 update:

Social Response Icons in Conversations. Say it with a thumbs up or a heart!

Emoji-type social icons
Emoji-type social icons

• BlueNotes can control aging time independently

• Popups can display patient name Tags

Privacy Shield when sending or replying to individual Conversations

• One user can create and publish system wide Conversation Groups

• Updates to the appearance of Focused view, Daily Lights Activity, and Conversations

• Navigation improvements with icons and indicators

• Larger color tags, and entire Lights can turn the color of their BlueNote or tag

• Administrator control of System Wide Changes

• Send Remote Diagnostic Reports from a BlueNote Administrator

• See how each Light and each BlueNote is programmed from the Light Settings window

• Addition of a tone palette and a larger tone selector library 

Tone library in System Wide Changes

• Drop-down list of Example codes to reframe practice workflow

BlueNote Go shortcuts and GoFocus light strip notification dock for your desktop

Bar and Light strip

Even with all of these changes, all of the navigation should be the same as it is in Version 8. It's only when clicking deeper into the program that users will notice that BlueNotes have a different look and feel than the previous versions.

Upgrading is free if you already have a Version 8 license installed, and the license should migrate over without any problem.  Scroll down a little ways on the Customers page for BlueNote Lights Version 9, look for the Download button, and then click it to begin the update. For full Administrator usage, be sure to manually paste the original license sent to the office under Menu > Preferences > Advanced >Advanced Registration. You can learn more about the Administrator features in the Related Articles below.

Version 7 customers can try Version 9 free for 30 days, and then uninstall and reinstall Version 7 if they decide not to purchase the Version 9 upgrade licensing. For Version 6 clients, this is an entirely new platform, so each computer will need to be updated to Version 9 in order for the clients to have the ability to communicate with one another. Please reach out to us if you have a Version 6 or Version 7 license for upgrade pricing and purchasing information.

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