How do I move the Lights on my Light Panels?

Once you have all of the Lights built for your needs, you may realize that they could be organized in a better pattern. Leaving spaces open, consolidating panels, and even sorting by colors are different ways to make it easy for team members to view all activity at a glance.

In this example, we're going to move all the lights from Panel 3 to Panel 2. Notice how there are only four Lights on Panel 3. Once they are moved, the Panel 3 tab will disappear from the configuration. This movement happens within the System Wide Changes module in BlueNote's Advanced preferences.

How to open System Wide Changes:

Find the Menu button and tab down to Preferences. Select Advanced. Click on System Wide Changes. In lower case type in 'configure' if prompted. 

Within BlueNote Communicator Lights Configuration, tab to Advanced and choose "Move Lights."

Once you are in the Move Lights window, be sure that you have not hidden any panels by choosing "Show 3" etc. Grab each light that you wish to move, then with a left-click Drag each light, and then Drop it to the desired location. Save and Publish your changes when finished to make this change take effect on all BlueNote clients on the network.

With the change Published, you'll be able to view the Lights in their new orientation. All of the settings contained in that Light in its previous location will migrate over into the new position.

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