What is a Light, and how do I add one?

A Light is a single alert timer box that appears dark grey when it is not active. When it is active, the Light will turn green to indicate that it has been turned On. 

Lights only have two states: On or Off.

What this means is that Lights are not messages that go anywhere in particular. They do not get sent or received; instead they are turned On when needed, or turned Off when they are not needed. When a Light is turned on, not only does it carry the weight of its own context, it starts a timer, and may appear in relation to all the other Lights that may also be turned on, so that users can then decide what type of response is required, depending entirely upon the context of each Light timer.

Everyone, everywhere, on all computers, sees all Lights and whether each one is On or Off.

For the example in the video above, we are creating a Light designed to summon a doctor to a specific location.

How to add a Light:

• Open System Wide Changes and choose the Light Panels tab.

• Click into one of the blank grey spaces. This will open up the Light Editor.

• In the white field below "Light Name" enter the context of the Light. In this example, we'll be typing "Dr A come to Room 2."

• Add other details such as tones and colors.

• Close the Light's editor by clicking " Save Light."

• Tab to Publish. This saves the file and adds the new Light to the Light Panels of all BlueNotes users on the network.