What are System Wide Changes?

System Wide Changes is a module within BlueNote Lights that makes it easy for one person to manage key settings for all users in an office. Every BlueNote client on the network has the ability to open System Wide Changes during the free trial period and in older Version 8 clients.  In Version 9, once a license is in place, System Wide Changes can only be accessed from a client that has been given Administrative access. Any client set as an Administrator will also work to keep all of the clients on the same network synched to the last known update to System Wide Changes.

How to open System Wide Changes to edit Lights Configurations:

Find the Menu button and tab down to Preferences. Select Advanced. Click on System Wide Changes. Then choose Edit Lights Configuration when prompted.

Only Licensed Version 9 clients that have been given Administrative access are able to change any of the features in System Wide Changes. 

More information: I can't access System Wide Changes at my computer

If the prompt below appears, this means the client is (a) still using an older version, (b) the software is in a beginning trial mode, or (c) the client was the last publisher of the System Wide Changes Light ID file. In each case, typing in 'configure' with no capital characters (lower case sensitive) will grant the user access to System Wide Changes.

Here is a list of the main features that are controlled in the Edit Lights Configuration section of System Wide Changes:

  • The number of Light timers - up to 120 (four panels of 30 each)
  • The position of each Light
  • The labels (words) on each Light timer and BlueNote that create meaning and context
  • Whether or not a light turns on immediately when clicked
  • All colors
  • Any customized tones associated with Lights or BlueNotes
  • All aging times
  • The sorting and arrangement of BlueNotes within Lights
  • All Notification/Alert Zone programming
  • All Office Status programming
  • Light panel configuration backups
  • BlueNote Remote enabling/disabling
  • AM/PM or 24 hour clock settings
  • Light Tags to label lights with the name of a Patient or Client
  • Helpful hint: Within the BlueNote Communicator Lights Configuration module is an option that allows the designer to overview all of the Lights and BlueNotes settings in a single window. Choose the Advanced tab, then look for the 'View Light Settings' (see image at the top of this article). Toggle between Lights and BlueNotes to see how all of the Lights and BlueNotes have been configured.

    After all of the changes, additions, or deletions are made in a System Wide Changes Configuration module, the file has not been created and saved until it is Published. Publishing also sends the new configuration file created in System Wide Changes to all clients on the network.

    How to Publish System Wide Changes:

    Before closing out of System Wide Changes, select the Publish tab. Choose "Save and Publish Changes to all Clients," type 'publish' in the space provided and then click on the green Publish button.

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