User names are greyed out in Conversations

Normally all user names appear white, and each name that appears in white can be selected by clicking on it. This is an indication that the BlueNote client has detected other online users.

If all names are greyed out, this is an indication that your BlueNote client is experiencing network problems. Look through the Related Articles below to determine what steps you may need to take to reconnect the client back to the other users on the network.

When only a few names are greyed out, it means that previously detected BlueNote users on the network are offline. Most of the time, this is because the host computer of that user is turned off. When that user comes back online, the Conversation user name will turn white again.

If you have multiple users that log into the same computer, sometimes there will be more BlueNote users in the list than you have computers. Some will be offline and others will be online. You can permanently remove offline users from appearing in the Conversation User list by selecting the gear icon in the top right of Conversations, selecting Settings, and then checking the box beside the option " Don't show offline clients."

You also can selectively remove offline users directly from your Conversation user list. Right-click one of the greyed-out User names and then select either "Remove this Offline User" or "Remove all Offline Users" depending upon your preference as seen in the illustration below.

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