Core and Plus License Comparison Guide

Use the information below to help determine which features best fit the needs of the office. To try all Plus features during the free trial period, go to the BlueNote Trial License Request page and fill out the form to receive a trial extension code via email. BlueNote Communicator licensing is purchased per office location, not per computer, so this why the Core license allows for growth to twice the recommended starting number of users.

Version 9 - Quick Comparison of License Types




License size, per office location  up to 30 Users up to 60 Users*

Number of System Wide Conversation Groups          5    10

Number of BlueNote Tabs          8    12

Number of individual BlueNotes         72    108

Daily Lights Activity Max, User/Admin      150/300 200/600

System Wide Changes controlled by Administrator          ◉      ◉

Send diagnostic reports remotely          ◉

Reset Screen Positions remotely          ◉      ◉

Turn off user enabled options remotely     

Adjust all Alert Managers remotely

View, Save, and Remove Conversation data remotely (Beta)      ◉

Control other clients' Sound settings remotely

Manage Conversation settings remotely      ◉

Change Popup settings remotely      ◉

Change any user name from Admin client 

Note: If a feature is not listed here, it is identical in both the Core (Original) and the Plus licenses. See the Related Articles below for more information.

*more than 60 users requires additional licensing. Call for details.

Benefits of Plus Features

The control of all users' most frequently changed local settings from one client, without the need for a server, is the primary function of a Plus license. In addition, many capacities have been increased to meet the demands of larger, more complex communication environments. Smaller offices will also appreciate the convenience of making changes from one computer instead of needing to adjust settings at each individual workstation. Note that there may be multiple users per computer, so generally speaking, offices with 15 or fewer computers will find that the Core license is adequate, while those with over 20 computers will be best served by the Plus license.

The Plus license allows for up to 60 simultaneous users, but can be increased up to 150 users on a single network with additional licensing. The number of System Wide Conversation groups is doubled, and 50% more BlueNotes are available to provide detailed customization of Lights workflow.

Once a BlueNote client has been granted administrative access, that user's Daily Lights Activity will no longer clear out at midnight each evening; instead a first in/first out (FIFO) buffer stores up to 600 Light events to provide a resource for auditing daily workflow between all users on the network.

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