How do I program System Wide Conversation Groups?

IMPORTANT NOTE: this feature can only be programmed from a Version 9 client that has been given administrative access, and does not exist in Version 8 or previous versions.

The purpose of System Wide Conversation Groups is to allow one user to create shared Groups from their BlueNote client. This makes it simple for users to select multiple clients at once to add them to a Conversation. These can be used alongside the individual client's locally programmed Groups, or the office can decide to Disable Local Groups in Conversations and use the System Wide Conversation Groups only.

From a client with administrative access, choose Menu > Preferences > Advanced > System Wide Changes. Select "Edit Conversation Groups".

Click on an existing group to edit, or Add a new group to open the Group Editor.

Add or change the Group Name and select which users to include in the group. A Tone or Color may also be added or changed to the Group button.

Repeat these steps until all System Wide Groups are created. Choose "Publish Changes" to publish the file immediately to all online clients, or select "Advanced" for other options. After choosing "Publish Changes" then click the green button to Publish to all connected clients.

All online users will be able to select the programmed Group lights from their Conversations window once they receive the System Wide Groups configuration file. To send a New conversation to a System Wide Group, click on the Groups tab, select the Group, type the message and press the green icon to send the conversation to all users in the Group.

Disabling the Local group tab

As seen in the image above, once the System Wide Groups tab has been Published, any previously created groups that were locally added to that BlueNote client will be re-labeled as the Local tab. To remove this option from all users, open System Wide Changes and choose 'Edit Lights Configuration.' Select the Restrictions tab and check the option "Disable Conversations - Local Groups." Be sure to Publish this change out to all clients. This will remove the Local tab in Conversations from all connected clients on the network.

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